Enter Next-Gen Pharma:
AI-Driven Drug Discovery

Revolutionize your R&D with AI that predicts and designs, speeding your path to groundbreaking treatments.


Enhance Absorption Efficacy: Leverage AI to Predict and Optimize How Your Compounds are Absorbed, Ensuring Maximum Bioavailability.


Master Compound Distribution: Utilize AI Insights to Predict and Navigate Compound Distribution Across the Body, Optimizing Therapeutic Effectiveness.


Unlock Metabolic Pathways: Employ AI to Foresee and Enhance Compound Metabolism, Streamlining Drug Development and Safety.


Streamline Excretion Predictions: Deploy AI to Accurately Forecast Excretion Routes, Minimizing Risks and Enhancing Drug Clearance.


Advance with Confidence: AI-Driven Predictions to Identify Potential Toxicity Early, Ensuring Safer Therapeutics for Clinical Advancement.


Revolutionizing Molecular Design: Leveraging Generative AI to Synthesize Compounds Precisely Engineered for Optimal Protein Pocket Fit.

Generative Chemistry

Don't look for the Needle in a Haystack

Imagine being able to craft the perfect key for a lock, rather than sifting through millions of keys hoping one fits. Our generative model does just that for drug discovery—meticulously designing compounds that fit protein pockets with precision, turning the vast uncertainty of traditional methods into a focused journey towards the right solution.


Turning Molecular Design on Its Head

Traditional drug discovery often finds itself in a game of molecular whack-a-mole, addressing negative ADMET properties as they pop up. Our strategy flips this on its head, starting with the endgame in mind—molecules that are born with the right attributes, ensuring they play nicely with the body's complexities, and leaving the molehill untouched.


'AI-driven ensemble docking played a pivotal role in selecting lead compounds with no prior biochemical knowledge of the protein ligand interaction.
The first tests we have done with Infinimol sped the development of the drug candidate by at least 6 months and saved hundreds of thousands of Euros.’

- William Menzer, Computational Chemist, Eisbach Bio GmbH