Driven by a dream

Despite great technological advances, cost and complexity of drug development has steadily increased. We want to nothing more than to revolutionize the process of drug development by employing cutting-edge AI for end-to-end drug discovery and optimization.
Our dream is to one day cure more diseases with tailored drugs while keeping costs for the industry and patients reasonable.


Who we are

We are a group of passionate researchers, engineers and hackers who set to harness the recent advances in AI research for a future where drugs are faster to develop, have less side-effects and cheaper to access.

David Ng
Strategic Vision Lead

Initial founder and developer, driving Infinimol toward innovative horizons
Mischa Panchenko
Artificial Intelligence Lead

Blending mathematics and AI research to drive innovative solutions at Infinimol
Kristian Klemon
ML Systems Lead

Leading ML systems and ensuring technical
excellence at Infinimol
Denise Vandeweijer
Growth and Operations Lead

Leading operations and growth with a deep tech understanding at Infinimol