Sharing Technology and Breakthoughs

Empowering Innovation: Selectively Open-Sourcing Our Breakthroughs for Collective Progress

MLOps Pipelines

MLOps pipelines stand at the core of revolutionizing AI-driven drug discovery, bridging the gap between theoretical AI models and their practical application in creating life-saving treatments. This integration streamlines the entire model lifecycle, from development to deployment, ensuring that AI's potential is fully realized with precision and efficiency, accelerating the journey from lab insights to real-world breakthroughs.

AI Technology

In our AI Technology domain, we're pushing boundaries with multi-modal models, self-supervised training, and innovative chemical representations to redefine drug discovery. These advanced techniques allow our AI to decode complex biological data more accurately, paving the way for groundbreaking pharmaceuticals. By integrating diverse data, we are uncovering hidden insights in the quest to develop transformative drugs.

Chemical Databases

Our work in developing Chemical Databases is pivotal, creating the foundation for evaluating massive datasets essential in AI-driven drug discovery. This initiative is not merely about data storage; it's about constructing a robust, accessible repository that empowers AI to sift through vast chemical landscapes efficiently. We enable more nuanced analysis and faster identification of potential drug candidates,  accelerating the pace of discovery and innovation.